Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have a few minutes to post a little something since all three monkeys are asleep right now!  I can hear the littlest monkey squeaking right now though so who knows how long I have!!  He had taken on the nickname of Squeaky the Stinky.  Or Squeaky for short!  The most noise he makes are little squeaks or grunts at this point and the older monkeys love it.  They run over every time he makes a squeak and check to see if his eyes are open.  I think they would hold him all day long if I let them, or if they did not have colds at this point in time.  We made it through most of the winter with very little sickness and now we all have a chest cold except for squeaky.  I can't tell you how bad it sucks to have a horrible cough 2 weeks from having a c-section.  Thank goodness I was very selective on when to take my pain medicine and I have some left for night time.  
My parents went home Sunday and it was a very sad day for me.  I thought I had complete control over my hormones but I have let several tears fall when thinking about how much I miss having my mom and dad here.  I even had a short lapse of judgment and nearly called my mother in law to ask her to come stay for a couple of days.  Of course I snapped out of that as soon as that percocet left my system.  That would have been STUPID!!  I already have to deal with a visit this Saturday.  But we are doing the Autism walk we do every year and so there will be buffers. 

We seem to be settling in well with our new "routine".  Of course there is not really any routine at this point other than making sure everyone gets fed, bathed, and in bed at a decent hour.  I am still sleeping on the couch because it is so much easier to get out of than my bed.  On a miraculous note, the littlest monkey enjoys sleeping in his bassinet.  The other two were co-sleeping by two weeks old and he is still sleeping in his bassinet.  It seems it was not a total waste of money!  He nurses well, not that I give him a chance not to!  He is not quite as ravenous as little monkey was but much better than big monkey who gave me fits.  I just wish he would poop when eating like the other two did.  Then we could change a diaper and nurse the other side and go back to sleep.  He likes to wait until back in the bassinet and then grunt and kick his legs out until it happens!  Silly boy!  We went for the two week check up and he is over his birth weight (which was much smaller than predicted) and grew 3/4 inch already.  Everything looked good.  Did you know that breech babies have different shaped heads?!?  
I admit that I am probably doing too much already.  But I can't see how anyone could really stand not to do ANY housework for 6 weeks.  It was hard not to laugh when my doctor said this to me.  I have been taking it easy, no cleaning sprees, and doing one or two things a day.  No entire house vacuuming.. in fact the monkeys do most of the vacuuming... thank goodness for the Dyson!  
Boy did bringing that baby home make the other two look like grown ups!


Anna said...

aww so glad you guys are settling in and the littlest monkey is a squeaky pleasure!
Can't wait to have our new addition...just 6 more months! LOL

Lacy Rose said...

sqeaky! I love the nickname. I can just hear him squirming now... those are the best sounds.

Connie Weiss said...

So happy to hear from you and that things are going well!

I love the nickname!

Lori said...

So glad things are going well for you and your family.
I think if I have a 3rd one I will wait until my 2 are the age of your two oldest. It seems like they are old enough to entertain each other so you can spend more time with the baby.
I completely know what you mean by you other monkeys looking so grown up.