Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

My 5 year old

Big monkey turned 5 on Saturday.  I can't get over the fact that he is already 5 years old.  Such a sweet boy.  He really is, I mean sure we have our problems here and there but he is always the first to give his mommy a hug or just let me know how much he loves me out of the blue.  I hope he stays this sweet.  Some woman is going to be a VERY lucky woman one day in the VERY far off future if she snags him.  He does still tell me often that he wants to marry me.  Though last time he also mentioned marrying every girl he knows, but not the strangers!

Lately he has gotten very silly.  Just like most little boys apparently do at this age (and maybe some stay that way forever!).  He cracks up at his own jokes, which are not really jokes but more like "funny" words.  

He is the best biggest brother ever.  I love to watch him with his little brothers, it warms my heart.

We had a riding toy party for him at the local skating rink.  It was so much fun.  Huge place all to ourselves for the kids to ride and ride and ride.  And for me to skate and show my lack of talent on 8 wheels and 2 stoppers!  

Big monkey was pretty good on his skates, here he is dancing to Boom Boom Pow!
Pirate theme all around you scurvy dog!  Great cake from Publix.
And here we are, my first born.  5 years old.  He is just like his mommy, type A personality and all!  Now where is that pause button?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

6 months old

Littlest monkey is just over 6 months old now.  Wow has time FLOWN by!  I just can't believe how fast it has gone.  This, while I am planning a pirate skating party for Big monkey's 5th birthday this weekend!  
Look at these monkeys..
Man, am I blessed.
Could they love each other any more?!
Littlest monkey is sitting up on his own now.  We still have a tumble here and there when he reaches for something or just gets distracted.  I really think his chunky legs help him prop up! 
He is also getting up on all fours and rocking!  I could not believe it when I saw it.  The other two were around 7 months when they did this.  I guess being the third he is just ready to get up and go chase those boys.
What a sweet little face.  I could just reach in there and squeeze him, and I do often at home!  He is eating his solids like a champ.  I made prunes last night (really gross thing to try to make by the way) and he tasted them and did not even make his usual what the heck is that you just put in my mouth face, but I did!  
I have not even tried to put him in his own room yet, and I promised myself to do it at 6 months.  I am just having separation anxiety!  I will work on it soon, maybe.

As I mentioned, big monkey is turning 5 on Saturday.  We are having a riding toy party at the skating rink.  I think it is going to be SO fun!  We get the rink to ourselves for 2 hours and the kids can bring whatever riding toy they want to.  DJ, strobe lights, disco ball, I mean what else could you ask for?!?!  Oh, I found glow in the dark swords and masks for the kids.  I think I may be more excited than big monkey!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2557 Days

Okay everyone, only 2557 days until my 40th birthday (or exactly 7 years from today).  So get ready for this...

And this..

And of course this..
Can't. Wait.

But until then, I am looking forward to my trip at the end of the month here..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Think Pink

This past weekend I did the Atlanta 2 day breast cancer walk again.  This year I only walked Sunday because of the baby.  I still did 10 miles (Saturday is 20 miles) and it was so great to be a part of it all again.  My mom and her friends have done this for 3 or 4 years now and it makes me so proud to be part of their group.  

We really get to see some great parts of Atlanta.  This year we ended up at the zoo and my dad met us there with the monkeys.  We ended up spending part of the afternoon there and I decided to play hookie from work Monday since I was so tired by Sunday evening.  
Here we are at the finish line holding on tightly to the monkeys (they were ready to go see the animals at the zoo!).
We sent the bigger monkeys off to the zoo with grandad while we rested with squeaky.  Cutest baby ever!

It was obvious that the recession has hit in many places, and unfortunately it hit the walk too.  Seemed there were less walkers this year, but we still managed to raise over a million dollars to go towards breast cancer research.  

My dad had a great time with the monkeys.  He did such a good job taking care of all three.  I honestly was not worried about them, maybe him a little!  I was glad littlest monkey took a bottle from him.  He seems to be picky about who gives him his bottles, he prefers the nanny!  If you notice the picture, he does have his onesie on backwards.  No biggie!  My dad thought for sure the buttons should go in the front.  It was a good laugh.