Thursday, March 4, 2010

Calling for ideas

Squeaky is going to be 1 in just a month! I can't believe how fast this past year has gone.
I want to do a party for him with and Easter egg hunt to go along with it since I will most likely be having his party the Saturday before Easter. I need some cute ideas people! Some of you are VERY crafty (Connie) so help me out please. Not too elaborate, just cute, simple and fun. I was thinking about doing a brunch type meal with easy food to prepare ahead of time.

Also, with it just being the monkeys and me now, I need some new dinner recipes. I am a vegetarian and now I feel like I need/want to incorporate more meatless dinners in our meal plans. I will have to do it gradually since I have the pickiest eaters living with me. I am taking any and all suggestions for easy meals. I would especially love crock pot meals (meatless of course) that I can put on to cook in the morning and would make my evenings go a little bit smoother.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A funny one

I opened my front door yesterday evening to find three cats waiting for me, we only have 2. I had managed to grab my neighbor's cat and throw him inside. I thought he was ours that had escaped during the mad morning rush to get out of the door. I am still laughing at it all, can only imagine the fun things that went on in my house during the 10 hours we were gone!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Saturday in the park

We had a great Saturday afternoon at the park. Nothing like some 65 degree weather with the sun shining brightly to make everyone want to play!

Of course the ice cream truck was at the park (along with nearly the entire city) so we all got a snack.
Little monkey got the starburst popsicle. The orange stayed for several hours!

Ice cream sandwich anyone?
Cutest squeaky ever..
The monkeys had their turn at the camera!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Trying Times

It's been a busy couple of weeks here. I like busy, mostly.

Ever since the weekend after I found out about my husband being in love with someone else (this is as much as I can really bring myself to type about his disgusting behavior right now), I have been in this weird trance where I just don't feel like doing anything. Not just anything, but my normal stuff. I don't have the urge to make my lists (shocking, I know), get my house in order, go shopping for bargains, clip coupons, you know extra stuff that I seem to have a "reputation" for doing. I can't stand feeling this way and I just keep thinking I have GOT to snap out of it soon. I am happy to report that I have had a couple of pretty productive days this week. I am sure this is not the end of my so called trance, but it could be the beginning of the end.

Big monkey and I have been going at it lately. I have the shortest fuse I have ever had and it does not go well with a little boy who is angry at the world because his daddy left the family and puts very little effort into seeing him. We had a great morning this morning though and I am trying very hard to breathe easy and let the small stuff go for now.

I had to put little monkey and squeaky in a daycare. I cried the first day like I did with the other two when they used to go. They are both doing wonderfully and I think little monkey is really going to benefit from being back in a daycare setting. He was getting bored with the babies at home and needed some sort of older kid time. He introduced me to his new bestest friend yesterday. I asked little monkey what his name was and he said he did not know but I needed to ask him! It was cute. Did I mention how crazy it is dropping three monkeys off at two different locations and getting to work on time? Then to pick them all up and make sure I have a snack for the bigger two and am ready for some ravenous nursing from squeaky?! It is all very new for me and them, but we are managing. Soon it will be our normal and we won't remember what it was like to have it any other way.

I was trying to check in on a few of my favorite blogs today and came across a really puzzling post on Anna's blog. I did some searching and it seems like she passed away after a routine tubal ligation leaving four children and a husband behind. So sad really. Another reason I am trying to put on a happy face, I really am very blessed and things could be so much worse even though they don't feel that way at times.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bare Naked Gaga

It is absolutely gorgeous out right now! I know, the dang groundhog saw his shadow today so the nice weather is more than likely short lived. I am going to make sure I enjoy it while it lasts though! I will be going to the park during my break this afternoon and using my lunch time to run a few laps and get some vitamin D. Have I mentioned the insane number of people who have those dog strollers at the park that I run? It is the most bizarre thing, in my opinion. I thought the whole point of taking your dog on a walk was to get the dog some exercise.. I could be wrong.

This week is a busy one. I had check ups for the younger monkeys yesterday, field trip with big monkey and Mardi Gras float load tomorrow, my doctor's appointment Thursday, and Mardi Gras parades all weekend. It is nice to be busy though. Keeps things in perspective. And I am a pretty great list maker.

I made the mistake of thinking it would be safe for the monkeys to watch the first half hour of the Grammys the other night. You know, it started at 7 pm our time so surely there would be nothing too risque! Joke was on me. Thanks to Lady Gaga, my kids now know what a thong looks like. Big monkey wanted to know why we could see that woman's butt. I quickly redirected that conversation.

Friday, January 29, 2010

So there seems to be a new(ish) trend going around with the kids in this part of the world. Silly bandz. I have actually known a little about them because of my friend's daughter, but I always just figured the odd shaped bracelets were for girls. Well, I was WRONG.

Big monkey went to a birthday party last weekend and the goody bag was simply a container of these things. He picked the zoo animal pack and is so proud of them. So far he has managed to only lose one and I keep waiting for it to show up in Squeaky's diaper. Now little monkey wants some, and big monkey wants more, and I am having a hard time finding them!

I got lucky (hee hee) today and found some at the Walgreens by my office. They aren't actually called Silly Bandz though, they are Animal Bands. Can the kids tell the difference? I am really hoping my 4 and 5 year olds can't.

I am going to use these as bribes rewards. Hope they work!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

2 Weeks Notice

Today has been what I call a sad day so far. I just am feeling a bit overwhelmed and very sad. And very alone.

I think with all of the busyness going on around me, I sometimes forget that I have a broken heart. Then all of a sudden, the reality hits me and makes me sad. Sad that I don't have a partner at home. Sad that the person that promised to love me forever is gone. Sad that the vows taken in front of God and our family and friends, were broken. Sad that I am starting to wonder if maybe I was really that difficult to be with. Sad that little monkey thinks that all daddy has to do is apologize to make us a family again.
Angry days are much better. I can be funny on these days, well in my sarcastic-humor-like way!
Of course, it does not help that my nanny gave me 2 weeks notice on Monday! Yes, two weeks notice to find good quality childcare for my 10 month old and 4 year old! Absolutely freaking ridiculous. Yet another person abandoning me and the monkeys. I am having huge problems trying to figure this one out. I can not find anywhere without a 6 month or longer waiting list. Unless I want to drop the monkeys off at the ghetto daycare or the one around the corner where half the staff is out smoking at any given moment. And did I mention that I am going to end up getting a measly $860 a month in child support from my BFF (Big F***er from F***ville)?!? Sorry for the potty mouth, but I really think they should figure out some other term to call a husband once he cheats and has filed for divorce telling me that it is my fault he cheated because I should have been taking care of him at home. Yes folks, I am really considering using him as a human pinata at Squeaky's first birthday party.

Well that just did it for me, I am not sad now, just angry! This may turn out to be a good day anyway!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello World

Here I am, back. At least I hope so. I don't know why, but today felt like a good day to visit my blog.
I have been avoiding it completely lately, and in doing so, I have missed reading my favorites. I just felt like everyone was moving on without me and I did not want to face the fact that life goes on even with all of the sadness, aggravation, and stress going on in my life. It was a much needed break, or so I thought. But I missed it, really.

I am going to keep this one short and simple.

1. It is Mardi Gras time you all! And this year I am NOT pregnant and plan on living it up and having a fantastic ride!

2. I love my parents and they are the best, have I mentioned that before!? HA

3. Squeaky (now called Squeakquel by the little monkey) is up and moving and trying so hard to walk already!

4. The other monkeys are doing as well as can be expected. Little monkey turned 4 this month and Big monkey is a regular smarty pants like his mommy.

5. I signed up to run a FULL marathon! Yes, I must be crazy. But on April 24th in Nashville, I will be running the Country City Marathon and I really am excited. It is a much needed goal for me right now.

6. The same day (a week before Christmas) that I signed up for the marathon, I found out my husband is madly in love with someone - and it is NOT me.

So there you go. I said it. Now if I can just get myself to push publish post. It has been a rough few weeks and I know it is not going to get any better for some time. I am very blessed to have a wonderful support system. My children are very blessed to have a wonderful support system. I am going to try not to let this blog get all doom and gloom. My emotions are all over the place right now so I can't promise happy Shanna all of the time. But I know that things will get better and there isn't anything I can't do!