Tuesday, July 7, 2009

3 months old

Squeaky is 3 months old today!  Where does the time go!?!  He is holding his head so well now and does really well with tummy time.  He absolutely loves to get kisses and squeals with delight when he gets them.  I have been watching his hemangioma very closely and it has grown some, but mostly it is just a bit more raised than before.  The older monkeys are still in love with him as much as they were the day we brought him home.  I love to watch them talk to him.  I am getting some good rest at night since he likes to sleep for long stretches.  The hair is just as crazy as ever and growing in blond. 

We had a great time visiting friends on the 4th.  The boys really had fun playing with the kids and their toys.  My friend made a wonderful potato salad and homemade ice cream that was really yummy.  I am not usually a big fan of potato salad, but I plan on making this one soon!  We plan on making the ice cream for a summer treat at work, hopefully this week!  I am happy to report that the ice cream did not seem to bother the littlest monkey (no, I did not directly feed him ice cream!!).  So I am hoping the dairy issue has corrected itself and he will not end up lactose intolerant like my husband. 


Sherry said...

such cute little monkies! yummy ice cream sounds good i am hungry and one more hour till quiting time.

Connie Weiss said...

It is not possible that he is 3 months already!

So glad that you are getting some sleep.