Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No cheeseburger in paradise

Okay, so we had our costume showcase and here is my costume for this upcoming season..
We are gypsies.  I am not impressed by this costume.  I am afraid the headband is going to give me a migraine.  I don't understand the random pieces of tulle tied onto the shirt.  At least it is a two piece.  It could have been so much cuter.  It could be worse...

Why would another woman ever purposefully make another woman wear this much cow print?!?!  Women can be so cruel to one another.

And yes, she is carrying a cheeseburger on a platter.  Steak and Shake anyone?

Being as I am still nursing littlest monkey, these flowers would have made my boo-bees look like air balloons. 

There are a couple more that are even worse but I did not get good pictures of them.  A lot of unhappy women after our meeting.  But in reality, they will have consumed so much liquor that it won't matter what they have on!  The worst part is that the president has picked Jimmy Buffett songs for every single float during call outs.  First, I can't stand the music and second, how can you dance to Jimmy Buffett music?!?!  I know he is from around these parts but so what!!!  

Now I need to find some cheep gold heels, but not too high or I might break my neck.  Nothing like breaking your neck with Jimmy Buffett playing in the background!


A Fist Full of Dandelions said...

Those costumes are priceless! Awesome!

Connie Weiss said...

So who picked these out?

LOVE your's.....he he he.