Monday, October 19, 2009

My 5 year old

Big monkey turned 5 on Saturday.  I can't get over the fact that he is already 5 years old.  Such a sweet boy.  He really is, I mean sure we have our problems here and there but he is always the first to give his mommy a hug or just let me know how much he loves me out of the blue.  I hope he stays this sweet.  Some woman is going to be a VERY lucky woman one day in the VERY far off future if she snags him.  He does still tell me often that he wants to marry me.  Though last time he also mentioned marrying every girl he knows, but not the strangers!

Lately he has gotten very silly.  Just like most little boys apparently do at this age (and maybe some stay that way forever!).  He cracks up at his own jokes, which are not really jokes but more like "funny" words.  

He is the best biggest brother ever.  I love to watch him with his little brothers, it warms my heart.

We had a riding toy party for him at the local skating rink.  It was so much fun.  Huge place all to ourselves for the kids to ride and ride and ride.  And for me to skate and show my lack of talent on 8 wheels and 2 stoppers!  

Big monkey was pretty good on his skates, here he is dancing to Boom Boom Pow!
Pirate theme all around you scurvy dog!  Great cake from Publix.
And here we are, my first born.  5 years old.  He is just like his mommy, type A personality and all!  Now where is that pause button?


A Fist Full of Dandelions said...

That cake is adorable! They sure grow up fast, don't they?!

Sherry said...

My how time flies. I love your picture!

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Happy b-day to your biggest boy!