Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bloggy ID dammit

I have one of those names. You know, one that is apparently very hard to pronounce correctly. I have fought this my entire life. I get tired of it and sometimes just go with the flow.
Every year at the beginning of school I had to correct my name when they were dong the roll call. English was my favorite class simply because any good English teacher knew right away how to pronounce my name, it was a highlight. My favorite is when someone reads my name and calls me Shannon. Where is the "n" at the end of Shanna?!?! I get called Shaw-nah, Shay-nuh, Chan-nuh, and yes even Shin-nun. I don't know why. I always thought it was simple phonics.
Then there is the problem of whether to correct the people or not. I used to constantly correct people, and not always in a nice way. Then I got more relaxed with it all and just let it go when it was someone I did not have to deal with often. Yes, I have often said "it is Shanna, like banana" (hence my blogger addy).
The soccer team mom calls me Shauna. She did so at the game and I was in the middle of something or I would have corrected her. Then she did it again last night and I was in the middle of chasing little monkey to get the cones he had stolen during the relays we were running, so I did not correct it. I feel like my chance to correct her pronunciation has passed. What do you think?


The Mind of a Mom said...

My name is Toni and I get Terry all the time. I work for Kimberly-Clark and for the life of my I get called Kim, when people return my calls that have not talked to me in the past. I just let it roll. 99% of the time my first and or last name are spelled wrong and I figure what the heck at least someone it talking to me. :o)
Don't correct her until the end of the season and when you do just tell her who you are and say here's your sign...lol

morewineplease said...

I've never had this problem with my first name(shannon)but my maiden name had only 3 letters and NO ONE EVER pronounced it correctly! I feel for ya

Lacy Rose said...

Oh my lord I feel you on this. When I was little I would let it go and then whisper to my parents "Moooom/daaaaad that person just said Lucy, Lisa, Leesy, Lady (yes even that). That is NOT my name!"

Now I am not afraid to speak up and correct someone usually. If I dont see them on a regular basis I really dont mess with it.

I would say since your going to see her often you should say something.

Maybe a nice neon orange tshirt with your bloggy ID on it. Kill two birds with one stone. Advertise! LOL