Thursday, September 18, 2008

Weekend Away

Tomorrow I will be leaving for Atlanta until Sunday. This is the weekend I am walking in the Breast Cancer 2-day walk there in Atlanta. I am excited to do the walk. I am having some big time anxiety though. Not about the walk, about leaving my monkeys for so long. I know, I know, so silly. But I have only ever left them a few times and for only one night at a time and I was never more than an hour and a half away. This time I will be 5 hours driving time and it is for two nights!! And I am going to miss one of Big Monkey's soccer games. It will be fine, I know. They will be with the nanny most of Saturday so my husband can work. She is going to take them to the game and have a fun day with pizza, games, movies and whatever else they can talk her into. I am sure they will not even miss me. The nights might be a bit tougher. I am the primary story-reader-tucker-inner-rocker-bedtime-kisser and it may be tough for Daddy to step in on that. In reality, I will be laying in the hotel room with blisters, sore muscles and the only thing on my mind will be how much I miss my little monkeys! Pathetic.
As if you can't tell, I have issues letting go. Imagine how much fun the first day of school is going to be, or graduation, or weddings, etc AAAAAHHHHHHHH!
My mom says that it will simply make them appreciate me more. I hope so. I really just hate missing even a moment of their rapidly developing lives.
I need help!


Sus said...

Go! Enjoy yourself! You are a better mama than I - I feel as if I am always looking for ways to get away! :) Plus they'll be with their daddy, so they won't give you the you-left-me-with-somebody-else-overnight-you-awful-hag effect that my kids gave me last week. But be careful about what you expect on your return: as much as I miss my kids when I'm gone, I never get a fervent welcome back. :)

Mamalicious said...

Shanna- it is hard, but it will be great for you!

Have fun!

PS- thanks for the well wishes! I'm feeling good!