Tuesday, September 2, 2008

See Ya Gustav

Lucky for us, Gustav took a path away from us. We did get a day full of storms and will probably have some today too. For the first time where I live, we had to get into the hallway because of tornado warnings. We live near downtown and usually we get skipped over as far as tornadoes go, but a few times we heard the sirens.
My parents came down for the weekend and ended up leaving a day early so they would not get stuck in bad weather Monday. It took them 5 hours to get to Montgomery, ridiculous. They said the roads were packed with Louisiana plates. I was glad not to have to leave, it throws such a wrench in your weekend! Plus I am still a bit under the weather and just could not be bothered by the storm.
The monkeys were bouncing off of the walls. Big Monkey was "sick" of watching the weather!! I think mostly they enjoyed making a "camp out" in the hallway and sleeping on the sofa bed with mommy Sunday night. This of course means mommy did not sleep Sunday night.
It looks like Mississippi made it through the storm without too much damage. They were really devastated with Katrina (not that the media really talked about them much). Anyway, I am glad Gustav did not pack as much punch as was feared. I just hope people don't become complacent with the next storm. After all, we are watching Hanna, Ike and TD 10.

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Sherry said...

so happy to hear everything went ok for you guys. hope you feel better soon