Thursday, January 28, 2010

2 Weeks Notice

Today has been what I call a sad day so far. I just am feeling a bit overwhelmed and very sad. And very alone.

I think with all of the busyness going on around me, I sometimes forget that I have a broken heart. Then all of a sudden, the reality hits me and makes me sad. Sad that I don't have a partner at home. Sad that the person that promised to love me forever is gone. Sad that the vows taken in front of God and our family and friends, were broken. Sad that I am starting to wonder if maybe I was really that difficult to be with. Sad that little monkey thinks that all daddy has to do is apologize to make us a family again.
Angry days are much better. I can be funny on these days, well in my sarcastic-humor-like way!
Of course, it does not help that my nanny gave me 2 weeks notice on Monday! Yes, two weeks notice to find good quality childcare for my 10 month old and 4 year old! Absolutely freaking ridiculous. Yet another person abandoning me and the monkeys. I am having huge problems trying to figure this one out. I can not find anywhere without a 6 month or longer waiting list. Unless I want to drop the monkeys off at the ghetto daycare or the one around the corner where half the staff is out smoking at any given moment. And did I mention that I am going to end up getting a measly $860 a month in child support from my BFF (Big F***er from F***ville)?!? Sorry for the potty mouth, but I really think they should figure out some other term to call a husband once he cheats and has filed for divorce telling me that it is my fault he cheated because I should have been taking care of him at home. Yes folks, I am really considering using him as a human pinata at Squeaky's first birthday party.

Well that just did it for me, I am not sad now, just angry! This may turn out to be a good day anyway!


Cyndi said...

I love you and will NEVER abandon you or your wonderful boys!!! I do not know what else I can say or do to help, but please let me know if there is anything.

Connie Weiss said...

Oh man. That's terrible. I'm so sorry! I hope you find someone to watch the kids that isn't terrible. Good Luck hon!


Sherry said...

Shanna, I am so sorry that you have to go through all of this, but your a very strong young woman, make sure you take care of you. I know it must be very difficult, but i also know you have a wonderful support system in your parents! we love you all and if you ever need anything or just need to talk give me a call. Love to you and the boys.

Aunt Sherry

Lori said...

Do you get alimony pay? and does he have to split expenses like child care with you? I have a friend who divorced a doctor and she only got $800 a month in child support cause it was the max available, but she got more in alimony and all expenses like medical, clothing, childcare were split % based on income and he got stuck with 90% of all those expenses.
Now she is trying to think of extra curricular activities she can put her daughter in that are really expensive just to stick it to him.

Shanna said...

Lori - you have to be married 10 years in Alabama to get alimony and we were just over 7 years. Child support is based on income and he just happens to be going to school and only working part time (glad we used our savings for his tuition) so the support is not great. Good thing is that I can request more if he ever gets successful at anything.

I was happy (is that wrong) to see your friend can stick it to her ex husband! Someone has to win one for the girls!

Anonymous said...

I feel ya, Im going through the same thing. Mine is just cheap trying to get out from paying anyway he can. Like wanting joint custody so he doesnt have to pay as much child support! Even though he works full time and travels, and I will still be responsible for the kids!? Doesnt make since! I pray for you and will keep checking back.