Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lady bug mommy

Less than 40 days until this littlest monkey comes into the world!  I have really gotten big these past few weeks.  It is funny how I am always wondering how I could possibly get any bigger at the end!  And yet, I do get bigger.  This dress has a lot of pattern to it.  I like it, but maybe too much for 8 months?
I am thinking about wearing it to a beach wedding this weekend.  Did I tell you we get to go to a beach wedding with my outlaws this weekend?!  Anyway.  I think the dress does wonders for my awesome pregnancy cleavage is great but am not sure if I should wear it since I just found out that the bride's colors are black and red (at a beach wedding in March?!).  What do you think?  I have a couple of other back up dresses I might try on to see if they will still fit.  

Oh, anyone watch LOST last night?  I am still an emotional wreck from the last 5 minutes. Going to blame pregnancy hormones for that.


Connie Weiss said...

I think the dress is just lovely! And I think you should wear whatever is comfortable.

LOST. I think I fell more in love with James last night. I could feel my heart beating in my chest when Kate stepped out of the van!

Shanna said...

Connie - I used to totally be a Jake and Kate girl until this season. They have made James so lovely and I just really, really want them to get together. Let the doctors be together, it seems to make complete sense to me!! I am really going to be upset if he gets hurt more this season.. how am I going to get through two weeks without LOST?!!