Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

I have been trying to have a yard sale for a month now.  But for some reason mother nature has not been very cooperative.  I am planning again for this weekend and yet again the rain seems to be looming over my ideas of making a little bit of money and getting rid of a lot of crap!  I don't get it, I am just trying to get things organized!!  Okay, enough whining.  Just maybe say a little anti-rain prayer for my yard sale.  I mean, I know we live in the rainiest city in the US and all (yes, we even beat out Seattle), but good grief I need to get rid of the piles of crap in the littlest monkey's room!!


Lacy Rose said...

WHat kind of junk do you have? Take a pic! Any junk you think is worth it to ship to Virginia? I can reimburse, etc. you.

I had no idea that you all beat out Seattle.. I think that is so strange!

(i hate insomnia)

Lori said...

Personally I hate yard sales, I tried to have one a few years ago and it was a disaster, way too much work, and people nickle and dime you for everything even though it is already marked dirt cheap. We got rained out and I was so happy to close shop and take a nap after staying up half the night pricing everything.
But I guess if that's your thing, I hope the rain stops, we have had a lot of it here lately too, we have a small pond now in our back yard. Better there than in the basement though.

Connie Weiss said...

NO RAIN....I am doing my Anti-Rain in Alabama Dance!