Monday, March 23, 2009

Tick Tock

What a busy weekend!  But a good kind of busy.  I did manage to prop my feet up and enjoy some beautiful spring weather and get a much needed pedicure.  
Friday we had our ultrasound and my hopes for not having a c-section were sort of burst.  I was 36 weeks and 4 days at the ultrasound, littlest monkey was measuring over 7 pounds already.  So average growth rate by due date considered, he would be around 8 1/2 -9 pounds without considering the 20% error.  Little monkey measured 8 pounds at his last ultrasound, two days later he came out at a whopping 8 lbs and 13 oz.  We also saw that littlest monkey is still sideways (I think she called it transverse).  Not even close to being ready to come out.  That actually made me feel a bit better, maybe the position is God's way of letting me know it is just meant that I have another c-section.  I do believe things happen for a reason.  My doctor is going to call me today to schedule the delivery.  I hope she can put it off until next week, my dad is in Puerto Rico this week on business.
He has a bunch of hair from what it looked like on the monitor.  I hope so, my other two were mullet babies and I am hoping for one that looks like I did with a full head of hair!
So we kicked it into high gear this weekend.  Nice to have my husband home to help get a bunch of stuff done and to occupy the monkeys while I scrubbed my fridge like a mad woman... I really just wanted to get the old food out and organize it a bit.  I got the nursery set up as much as I could without the crib here yet.  Everything is washed and sorted.  It was very exciting.  I am going to miss that extra weekend though if we deliver next week!  Now I feel the need to get some major grocery shopping done.  I am making lists and finding them everywhere!!  I know, it is an illness though completely genetic and not my fault.
We are going to get our pictures taken this morning.  I am always a bit nervous with maternity photos.. I hope they have a good touch up program!!


Connie Weiss said...

I'm sure your pictures are going to be beautiful!

Can't believe you are so close to the finish line!

Lori said...

Good luck getting everything ready. Sounds like your on the right track.