Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The musical fruit

What a great weekend away with my parents!  It turned out even more fun for the monkeys than normal.  They got to see real snow falling from the sky and play in it!  I was so excited for them all afternoon Sunday.  I could not believe the amount of snow Atlanta got in March and the snowflakes were the biggest I have ever seen.  It was really wet snow though so we spent just a few minutes out each time and then came in to dry off.  We did go out several times to play and eat snow - this was the top priority for the monkeys.  
Saturday we went to eat at a restaurant downtown that is at the top of a very tall building and it rotates so you can see the city.  Big monkey was immensely impressed, he even spoke those exact words.  It was very cloudy at first so they thought they were eating in the clouds.  Finally it cleared up enough to see pretty much all of Atlanta.  They were pretty well behaved considering how exciting it was for them.  We also went to the children's museum so they could run off some energy.  Man it was hot in there.  I have finally reached the point in this pregnancy where my body temperature stays at about 150 degrees.  I was sweating in that place with all of those people and kids running around.  Not so much fun for mommy!
I was pretty swollen all weekend as well.  I am sure it was from the ride there.  I originally planned to stop often and even sit down somewhere for dinner.  Then we hit the stormy weather (including tornado sirens in Montgomery) and I just wanted to get there and be safely tucked in my parents' house!  So I pushed it too far.  The trip home was much better and by the next day, with the cold weather back here, I was back to normal puffiness and not extreme puffiness.  
I had a doctor's appointment right before we left for Atlanta.  Everything looks pretty good.  We talked a bit about the delivery and I am scheduled for an ultrasound in 3 weeks to see how big the littlest monkey seems.  She said if he is as big as little monkey chances won't look good for a VBAC.  So cross your fingers for a nice 7 pounder?!  We also tentatively scheduled the 13th (April) for a c-section depending on how things look.  I am going to sign up to walk/ jog a 10K at the end of March, hoping to walk the littlest guy out!  
Seems crazy to only have 40 days left!  I am now in full nesting mode and hope to get a bunch done Sunday while the monkeys and daddy are at the boat show.  The doctor did say that my urine results showed I needed to eat more.  I laughed.  I really thought she was joking.  Seems all I have been doing lately is stuffing my now chunky face.  She thinks I am probably not getting enough protein.  Funny since the last two pregnancies I was so worried about protein and ended up with very low iron.  This time I have been so worried about iron levels and now have to worry about my protein.  

Oh, and the business was sold as of Monday around noon!  Now if we could just get that damn rental house sold!!

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Connie Weiss said...

*fingers crossed*

So glad you had fun in Atlanta and the monkeys got to play in snow!

That restaurant sounds so cool!