Thursday, August 13, 2009

I like me

Okay, this took a LOT longer than it should have but here is my list of things I like about myself.  I got this idea from Amber and the Extreme Makeover : Me Edition that I seem to have dropped out of for the time being.  I am doing this to look back on when I am having a bad day.  It seems I have let my self confidence slide and am in need of a major makeover in this area.  

1.  I am a good mom.  I love my boys and I think that is something people can see right away about me.  I am constantly thinking about them and have their happiness in mind.

2.  I am a good friend.  I may not always call when I should, or send cards on birthdays, but I do think about my friends quite often and would drop everything if they needed me. 

3.  My legs are quite nice looking.  I especially like their form since I started running again a couple of years ago. 

4.  My teeth are pretty.

5.  Organization skills.  I am a pretty great list maker!

6.  I am a pretty smart person.  I have some good brains up there and usually can use them pretty well!

7.  I am a good person.  Yes, I may gossip at times, but I do genuinely care about people.

So, lucky 7 I guess!  I will probably be visiting this post quite often to remind myself why I should like myself.

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Connie Weiss said...

5. Organization skills. I am a pretty great list maker!

ME TOO! Great list! Have I told you lately how much I like you?

Have a great weekend!