Monday, August 10, 2009

School Shopping

Friday, the monkeys and I went school supply shopping for big monkey.  Our first school shopping experience.  I think overall, it went quite well.  We ventured out on Tax Free weekend, but got out pretty early Friday morning trying unsuccessfully to beat the crowds.  I did not do my usual bargain hunting.  We simply went to target and got everything we could off of the list.  I let big monkey pick out his backpack and lunch box/bag to help get him excited about the whole idea.  He picked G.I. Joe even though he has never heard of G.I. Joe before.  He wanted the soldier one, sort of made me proud considering I am an ARMY brat and all!  I am going to have to pull out some pictures of my dad in uniform so I can really impress the monkeys.  

I did manage to get some pretty good bargains at Gymboree, using gift cards earned on my Gymboree Visa, coupons, and the big sale.  I love coming home with a bag full of clothes for barely over ten dollars.  

Saturday morning I had to go to a soccer coach training session/breakfast.  The first 20 minutes or so were spent listening to church propaganda, which is how this usually goes down.  The program is so good though, it is worth the time... besides who doesn't benefit from some extra time with God?!  I did however, realize that Tuesdays are about to get incredibly hectic around here.  I also found out that our head coach (I am just the assistant) is a woman again this year and I am happy for that.  Why do I let the men intimidate me so much?!  We are the wolverines.  Big monkey was excited about that while little monkey said he was not going to be a wolverine... great start to the season!


Lacy Rose said...

Hey sorry I was having computer issues this morning on FB.

Anywho..I am sure I will catch you on again later.

I cant wait to see first day of school pics :)

oh and... I guess I need to say...GO NAVY! :)

Connie Weiss said...

How funny! I bought my boy his winter wardrobe with my gift cards and coupons from Gymboree. I bet our monkeys will be sporting the same outfits! I was really happy with the boy selection this season!

How excited to shop for school!