Monday, December 1, 2008

Back in the saddle

Well, back to work for me today. Eww. I can't believe how fast 5 days off of work can go. I had a good rest, though I did fight a headache for two days that turned into a mini migraine for a day and now have a sore throat. Hubby was sick and little monkey ended up sick so I am sure it is leftovers from them.
I don't want to be here. I had one heck of a time getting out of bed this morning. I was wide awake from 3:30 on, just could not get my lazy self out of the bed. Big monkey has been begging me to let him wear underwear to bed instead of a pull up. I told him he had to go 5 nights without accidents, he did. So Saturday night I let him wear underwear, he was dry and we were all excited. Last night, not so great. He woke up at 3:30 and had wet himself. He was very upset and I tried to console him without giving off the idea it was perfectly okay to wet the bed so we decided he would try 5 more nights in pull ups before we try again... that should put me to the weekend again. I really am not pushing this, I would rather he stay in pull ups at night until 5 or so!

On another note, I know I am going to have to listen to the Alabama Auburn game commentary from co workers all damn day today. I am not looking forward to it. It has already started and well before 7 am!! I am a Hoosier, I don't care about football nearly as much as these people do. I don't care about either team. My husband is an Auburn fan and so are my monkeys by default. I am happy for the Alabama fans that the team is doing so well, really I am. I just wish they weren't the worst fans I have ever come across. And I have seen some nutty fans (275 pound Ohio State fan who tried to get into a fight with three 19 year old IU coeds during a game that was never going to be close considering how bad the IU football team is, I am talking about you). But I have never seen such obnoxious fans before I came to Alabama. I think they really think they are on the team themselves, playing every play. They are not nice, and have no clue about good sportsmanship. It is disheartening to hear how mean they can be and how much hate they harbor for other teams. And now that they finally have a winning team, they are really coming out of the woodwork. I genuinely hope they get their crimson elephant heinies beat by some team like Texas Tech or Oklahoma, or anyone soon. I am glad the season is nearly over. And now onto basketball!!

We got our Christmas tree yesterday. A bootipul (as little monkey goes on and on about it) specimen it is. I put the lights up and am waiting until tonight to put the popcorn up and ornaments on. I hope there is enough popcorn, but I imagine I will be stringing some more tonight! The monkeys are so incredibly excited about the season and I am having so much fun watching their excitement. It is going to be a Christmas to remember.

On a somber note, my dad broke his ankle in two places over the holiday, playing ping pong. Now, for those of you who know this man, you will immediately chuckle and realize that he was probably having a few holiday warming concoctions and doing a few fancy movements to show off make sure he hit the game point. Anyway, cross your fingers and say a prayer for a speedy recovery. I can't imagine this is going to be easy to deal with the next time he and the monkeys get together.. they are rough!

Well I better get some cyber shopping work done.


Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Love your last sentence. Me too.

Lacy Rose said...

I couldnt imagine a Mattingly having a few and then showing off withe some fancy footwork... lol.
I hope he gets better soon!!