Saturday, December 6, 2008


Okay, I need some motivation. I should be cleaning some of my house right now but just can't get myself in gear. I have sprayed the bathroom down and could easily get it finished in 20 minutes if I get my rear in gear. Instead, I found myself upstairs in the office checking out the blogs! Husband is at work, monkeys are in bed, Sammy kitty is keeping my left arm warm. I have the SEC football championship game on just hoping the Gators win. Not because I am a fan of theirs, but I sure do admire what Tim Tebow stands for.
I got to watch the second half of the Hoosiers getting beat by Gonzaga. I was not in the least bit angry, I was impressed by the hardwork this mostly freshman team put forth against a 5th ranked team. I look forward to future years of Hoosier basketball if they keep this attitude. I also really want a "B-Town" t-shirt. I should use this team as my hardworking motivation! HA HA. I think I might just need a nap. Afterall, I did take a 3 year old and two 4 year olds to a Christmas parade, bath and body works, and Santa's wonderland at the Bass Pro Shop (I will try to post pictures later). We ate lunch at the restaurant at the store and everyone was pretty darn good. I even got my regular compliments about how well the little monkeys were behaved.
Alright, time to get the bathroom done before the soap dries and I have to start over again!

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