Monday, December 22, 2008

Next to last

Today is my next to last day to work this year!! I know, mouth full. I am just excited to have nearly 2 weeks off of work to spend with family and friends. I am really excited to go see my parents. I am just about over not being able to visit my family in Indiana. I figure we will be going after April and then everyone can see the newest littlest monkey in the family and it will be even better. I will make sure that works out!
I still have a few things on my desk that need to go out before I take off tomorrow afternoon. They are not nearly as bad as the horrible project I had last week.
Okay, so I have one little gripe about gifts this year. Why is it that I keep getting gifts to me to use for the baby?!!? Am I the only one who is selfish and would like my gifts to be FOR ME?!?! And NOT the sweet littlest monkey in my belly? Two people have done this so far. One was an office exchange and we pick the people we buy a gift for and it is a secret until the exchange. I put a lot of thought into my person's gifts. I received a Babies R Us gift certificate so "the baby won't only have hand me downs"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice thought, bad idea. I hope I don't sound ungrateful, I will put the card to good use. But DANG I would have like something for ME!!
Anyway, I guess I can buy some bra shields and that would technically be for me.

I am trying to figure out if I should still give the nanny a bonus for Christmas. We have a few small gifts for her and I had planned on giving her a bonus all along. But she is going to be getting paid for the 2 weeks she does not have my kids. Granted, she will be coming over to my house to check on my insane cats for the few days we are visiting my parents. Maybe I will just give a smaller bonus?! What do you think?

I have been reading the books by Dave Ramsey. I am hooked and have already started setting up my financial goals 2009. I hope to maybe post a generic version of them on my side bar to help keep motivated. I am going to try to get us completely out of debt without going insane trying. Of course all last week I was stressed about my financial goals! I know I need some help with my type A personality. I just need to relax and stick to the plan and if it all is successfully completed, great. If not, so be it. I will plan on for 2010! Anybody else follow Dave Ramsey?

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Lori said...

Time off for two weeks with pay is a pretty darn good bonus if you ask me. And you got her gifts.
Unless you've done it before I wouldn't start such a habbit, it seems like the sort of thing that once you start you can't stop. But this year since she gets 2 weeks off you could substitute that for the bonus if you've given her one in the past and feel obligated now.