Friday, December 5, 2008

Spoiled rotten

I slept in this morning. I thought that if I was going to drag my happy self into work that I was going to sleep past 4:30 am and come in at the time everyone else does. It was great, only man does the traffic suck at that time! I am spoiled and am used to flashing lights in the morning. This morning I had to actually stop at the lights. And every mini van (I love mine by the way) was on its way to drop kids off at school.
I also decided that I was going to treat myself to an overly expensive hot chocolate from Starbucks. I have been craving hot chocolate this pregnancy (and spicy chips) and have actually been indulging in my cravings a bit. It was tasty.

I can feel the anticipation in the air over the possibility of getting our bonuses today. I am really excited to be getting one, especially after listening to Glen Beck this morning. He has nearly put me in a panic over the economy and his predictions for this time next year. I am trying so hard to get our budget/finances worked out so I can get that 6 months salary in savings and bills paid off. We have been doing pretty well considering I just started a couple of months ago. Of course my Starbucks trip this morning was not preplanned. I started using PearBudget and really like it so far. What was really great was using it for the first month free to see if I would stick to it. It is something I could easily set up on excel, but I found it worth my few dollars a month not to have to think, just enter and read.

I am going to meet the nanny at the monkeys' haircut place at noon and then bring them back to the office where I am hoping they will eat lunch and I can get another hour or so of work done. I may download a movie for them on one of my computers to keep them occupied. I wonder which one will spill the beans to my husband about the leather recliner sitting in my office?

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