Thursday, December 11, 2008

Needs and wants

I read a post by Connie this morning and just had to copy. I went to google and searched "Shanna needs". Here is what popped up, thanks mostly to the moron Shanna Moakler (whom I might add says her name wrong)!

Shanna needs:
1. more time, it is running out - yeah the pre baby planning panic has started up already.
2. to kick Kim Kardashian's bootie.
3. to get over herself - I must say this is sometimes true.
4. to stay home with her kids - this made me a bit sad, I wish I could.
5. to spend less time gold digging - umm, maybe I could start this and stay home with my kids?!
6. to take the gum out of her mouth before posing for photos - funny considering I loathe gum with this pregnancy!

And now Shanna wants:
1. Ice cream - sure, who wouldn't?!
2. him. - who?!
3. to avoid Kim - only when I am chasing her darn dog out of my yard when the flea bag is pooping in it.
4. the last word - this is a necessity and something I most usually get.
5. more kids - absolutely.
6. her children to understand and appreciate diversity - this should be a breeze in ALABAMA HA HA HA!
7. to weigh her options on a c-section - eerily close to home.

That was fun, you should all try it. I was amazed at how many Shanna girls there are out there now. I did not meet my first Shanna until high school, and did not meet my first Shanna who pronounces it the same until Grad school.


Connie Weiss said...

Those are great! Just so you know...I skipped some on mine because they were related to Connie The Cow. Apparently it is a kids' cartoon. Couldn't they come up with a better name for that cow?

Sasha said...

RE: Amazon price adjustment policy- they say they did away with it earlier this year. HOWEVER, I hear if the price drop is $20 or more, they will do an adjustment if you ask. I haven't had to try yet.

So said...

Heh! I found you by googling "Shanna needs". My name is Shanna as well and pronounced like yours! I know of two others in my area that pronounce and spell it the same way.

It's good to know that there are others out there!

Shanna Lynn Diephuis said...

It weird that I found this post while doing the google thing for my name.

And it's pronounced the say way as well.

Shanna said...

My name happens to be pronounced Shanna like Banana. I liked this blog a lot! Got a kick out of it! You are only the third Shanna I have ever heard of. I was named after the Kathleen E. Woodiwiss book titled, "Shanna". How were you named?

Shanna said...

My name is Shanna as well. Also pronounced the same way. =) And I, too was named after the Kathleen Woodiwiss book.

Anonymous said...

My name is also Shanna and pronounced the same way, and I too was named after that book :-)
This is fantastic!
My last name is Bannan so I used to get alot of the "Shanna Banana" teasing lol

New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Another Shanna like banana here, also named after the book and found this site by doing the "Shanna needs" thing. Too funny!

shannamina said...

I was searching the "Shanna Needs" too! HA! I pronounce my name just like the rest of you! So glad to know there are more of us out there...who pronounce it the RIGHT way! :) Shanna Power!!!!