Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Follow the leader

Yesterday the monkeys had their first ever day of vacation bible school. They had to walk the 1/2 mile there with the babies in the double stroller and water bottles in tow since it is about 150 degrees outside. The oldest boys hold onto a follow the leader rope pictured above from the Oriental Trading Company. Big monkey gets to be the leader at all times because he gets easily distracted on their walks and we are afraid he will just walk into the street while chatting away.
They all ended up in different classes for the bible school. I just figured they would be together and was happy with that because I could tell little monkey was a bit nervous. Apparently they were all a bit nervous at drop off time and asked the nanny to please stay with them. She of course could not with the two babies, so they were on their own. Big monkey and Little monkey did so well. Big monkey said he was a little bit nervous and worried but not too much because he was there to have fun! Their buddy that went with them cried and cried until the teachers put him in with Big monkey. They kept telling me they had to calm buddy down. I was so proud of them for being big boys and for helping their friend feel better.
I asked them what they did and the first thing they mentioned was watching a movie, go figure! It was about a squirrel and some mean crocodiles, not sure what the message was there.. they missed it. They also said they did not like the snack, it was vanilla pudding and they only like chocolate! I can just hear them now.
Big monkey said he was a very good listener and was not the one talking when the teacher had to raise her voice to be heard! I was floored by that one. He is a chatty little thing. He was convinced all night that he had been to kindergarten that day and liked it so much he was going to keep going. I was glad to hear this since he will be starting K4 in August.
Little monkey said he heard a story about Moses and a fire and that God asked Moses to take his shoes off. I am going to have to look that story up.  
The way home was uneventful other than a skinned knee, but nothing some smarties could not take care of and make a little boy instantly feel better.
They are growing up so fast, in just a couple of months I will be dropping Big monkey off for his first day of big school!

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Connie Weiss said...

How fun! Kindergarten already? Oh my!