Monday, June 15, 2009

Taking a poll

So I have to admit I have a facebook page.  I don't have a lot of friends on it, and I like it that way.  I really just use it to post pictures and keep up with some family members.  My husband has a page as well, and we never arranged to be friends.. until this past weekend. 
My husband was bugging me about inviting him to be my friend.  I just really had no desire to do this.  He uses his to keep up with his high school buddies and keep his youth (my interpretation).  I did not like a single one of his highschool buddies and had no desire to see stupid comments made by them or him thinking they are still 17 and cool like that!  But I had a moment of  weakness kindness Friday and invited him... big mistake.  Yes, there were stupid comments, mostly harmless.  Then there was a post by him on Friday stating that his wife asked to be friends with him and he was taking a 24 hour poll to see if he should accept.  Yes. Really.
So I took it in stride, as a joke at my expense.  And I commented back.  All I said was "I guess this is your feeble attempt at humor!  Funny how you forgot to mention that you kept bugging me to invite you as my friend"
He has since removed me from his friend list.  Apparently 30 is the new "terrible twos".


Anna said...

LOL I know what you mean,
my husband is a facebook whore with more than 300 friends....puts my 234 to shame! Lol

Lacy Rose said...

Seriously?! What a turd.

Ben has one but never updates it. He likes to stalk people that he used to know but wont accept anyone or do anything besides look at their pics.

Hmmm... I dont know about this poll business that he had up. Pretty LAAME.

Connie Weiss said...

LOL! Oh my gosh...that is kind of funny!

My hubby hates blogs, facebook and twitter so I'm safe there. I didn't want him to join facebook anyway because I don't want him connecting with all of the gorgeous woman that he dated.

Lori said...

My husband has no interest in FB, although from time to time I catch him snooping at mine and seeing what my friends are up to. He knows almost all of my friends since they are all still current friends, not ancient ones that I grew up with.
Anyway, that is weird the way your husband behaved, I know he was making a joke and all, but I think your comment probably embarrassed him in front of his friends which is why he did what he did. Although in your defense it was well deserved. I'm not really helping here am I? Sorry.
Hey you want to be fiends on FB? I promise I wont take a poll to see if I should accept (lol).

Rachael said...

He deleted you?! If you are taking a poll: I'm on your side -- sounds childish. But, maybe for the better?

My husband is always trying to see what I'm doing on FB -- looking over my shoulder, reading my page, checking out my friends. I wish he'd just get his own page! Especially because a good handful of my FB friends are really HIS friends, who friended me to catch up with him!

BTW -- I never congratulated you on your #3. 3 boys -- how fun -- must be really a barrel of monkeys around your place! =) Congrats!

I have this one patient who has 3 sons, no daughters. She is this little tiny 5' thing and her boys (now young adults) are her towering, husky protectors. When she had to have surgery, they were all hovered around her in pre-op, "take good care of our mom, now!" It was really sweet. There is something to be said for a boy's loving protectiveness of his mama. You should be well taken care of some day!

Shanna said...

Thanks guys! I am glad I am not the only one to think he is a turd!!