Monday, June 8, 2009

Smiley faces

Look at this sweet baby boy!  I had the best time taking some pictures of him yesterday (after complaining that I can never get any good smiley ones of him).  He has so much personality already and I think I am going to be in trouble in a few months with his charming self!  So far at two months we get some good nights where he only wakes up once or twice.  This is so different than the other two.  He is really vocal now and I think he realized that he was going to have to speak up to be heard.  His favorite things are baths, being outside, eating, watching his big brothers, and swinging.  

I am happy to show you that he has really started filling out those legs! 


Sherry said...

o what a cutie pie

Lacy Rose said...

awww! squeaky is a chunky monkey! He looks so happy just loungin' in his swing.

Lori said...

Super cute, my baby has the same chunky legs, maybe even chunkier.
Where did you find a swing that lets you remove the tray? I hate that mine wont come off.