Wednesday, November 19, 2008

19 Weeks, yesterday

Here is my belly at 19 weeks. I am getting bigger fast! I really thought my run might slow me down in growth HA HA!! I may be gassy too (sorry, but it has been a constant struggle this pregnancy!). I do have my bella band on, and still love it.

I went for my first post run exercise today, a walk in the park. No, literally I went for a walk in the park. It was a nice walk, little chilly. I wore my new long sleeve race shirt and it barely covered my belly, I had to wear my bella band.
There was a woman who made a comment about even the pregnant lady passing her. I was just glad she thought I was pregnant and not chunky, I am still at the maybe/maybe not stage to look at unless I wear fitted clothing.
I went for my costume fitting for Mardi Gras yesterday. It is going to be bad!! Pretty cute costume, but I am going to look like a turquoise whale!! Don't worry, I will post pictures when February rolls around. Made me excited for Mardi Gras though, even though I won't be able to ride. Anyone know where I can find maternity fishnet stockings?!?


Sherry said...

you look greaT! NOT LIKE A WHALE AT ALL

did you get your package from me?

Anna said...

soo cute! love the belly, and really miss mine!

You can try fish net thigh highs! those should do the trick!

I miss Marti Gras, in Italy it was awesome, but in NY it's just something you see on TV!