Monday, November 10, 2008

Pregnancy Brain

So I messed up. I wrote on all of my calendars that today was my ultrasound appointment. Well yesterday I got to thinking about how my doctor did not call to confirm my appointment. That is unusual so I went out to the car to find my instructions and it turns out my appointment is tomorrow morning. It really throws a wrench in everything since my husband took the morning off and has appointments scheduled for tomorrow morning. I am going to call and see if by chance she had a cancellation for this morning and we can get in, cross your fingers! Wow, this was a big screwy brain morning. I just can't figure out what I was thinking. I even called my husband from the last appointment and told him the 10th!!

On another note, my cat got out Saturday night (they are both solely inside cats) and he was waiting at the back door to get back in probably a couple of hours after being out. Well, the other cat has been trying to kill him ever since. Not a good thing! There was blood this war. They usually get along very well, I guess he just smells like outside cats now?! I am ready to rub something they think stinks all over them both and be done with it!

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Connie said...

That is a bummer about your appointment! I do that all the time now and it irritates me to no end.

Silly cats...sounds like your cats are married and the other one is mad that someone was 'catting' around! LOL!