Friday, November 21, 2008

Race Photo

Here is my race photo. I have two others but they make me look quite chunky so I tried to pick the best. I learned to smile when I see a camera after previous terrible pictures! I love my headband, it says "Marathon Mom" and is a bondi band. You can check them out at, it was so awesome I got another with 13.1 on it!

That is my running pal next to me in the pink tank. She was cracking me up at the end. Doesn't it look like that girl behind us is casually running?!? WTF? I hope she was just cooling down after putting full effort into running! HA HA


Connie said...

Great picture! You look awesome!

I have done one 5K race and the picture at the end of it was so bad that I think I got rid of it in some kind of a fire ritual. I looked like I was about to die!

Amy said...

Oh my!! A half marathon while pregnant. You are my hero!