Thursday, November 13, 2008

3 Days

Okay, panic has set in. Only 3 days and the half marathon is here. I have been taking it REALLY easy this week, probably too easy on the training front. I found out it is supposed to be really cold Sunday morning in Atlanta. I have to find my ear warmer headband thingy. I hope it is sunny at least, it makes all the difference.
I am ready, I am not ready. I just want to get there, run, not pee my pants, and get my necklace and massage for finishing!

I let myself have a day of disappointment after finding out the baby is another boy! I am not going to feel guilty about that, or at least I am going to try really really hard not to feel guilty about that. I woke up yesterday and was just fine, excited about another baby boy to love his mommy. My husband was wonderful, he was excited and talked it up with the monkeys and said maybe next time is meant to be the girl time! Maybe not, but I guess we will find out then. I told him I like the names Isaac and Adrian. He likes Carter. We will probably use Carter as a middle name. He likes Isaac best. I like Adrian the best, but love Isaac too. The monkeys like Isaac best.

Conversation with Big monkey during ultrasound:
Big Monkey: What kind of baby is it?
Tech: A boy baby.
Big Monkey (after frowning): No. I am having a sister.
Mommy: No sweetie, you are having another little brother, look, there is his winkie.
Big Monkey: That must be a girl winkie.
Mommy: Girls don't have winkies, you are having a little baby brother.
Big Monkey: Well, I am going to have a brother girl then!

Relentless! I think it is sinking in finally, though he said he was going to call the baby Isaac Katherynn. Silly monkey!

So, I have Big Monkey and Little Monkey and now Littlest Monkey. I think I will have to keep it this way even though it might be confusing. I refuse to make Little Monkey the Monkey in the middle!!


Connie said...

Good Luck with your run this weekend! You will do GREAT!

I don't blame you at all for feeling a little sad that you aren't having a girl. It is completely natural to be let down.

Boys are awesome!

Sherry said...

Awww that is adorable.

Shanna is your mailing address still the same?

Trish said...

You know, Andy has three boys so I feel like I can say I kind of have three boys and I have to say that they are GREAT! They are all so different and fun. Congratulations!

Sasha said...

Can't wait to hear how the half goes! I'm hoping to do a half in April.