Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I went first thing this morning and voted. Quite a turn out at the ghetto youth recreation center I have to go to in order to cast my ballot. It actually only took 30 minutes to get my vote in, I was surprised due to the length of the line. Things were running fairly smoothly. I could not help but wonder as each person walked up to the line who they were going to cast their vote. Was I voter profiling?!? I know, I am just being silly. It was just something to do while I passed my time. I had already read the rules for the recreation center which included 1. If we can see your underwear, do not enter these doors, 2. No flashing of gang colors in the building, and 3. Anyone with drugs or alcohol on the premises will be prosecuted.

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Anna said...

You make me happy to get to vote at town hall with the little old ladies who greet us with donuts!