Monday, January 12, 2009

500 Miles

Okay, I have signed up to join the looney bin. Well, not really. But I have signed to do CM's running and reading challenge for 2009. The challenge is to run 500 miles and read 50 books this year. I know I will probably not get the 50 books in. I just don't read that much and with a new baby in April, reading is going to be even more limited. But I will still record my books read just to see how many I do actually read.
The 500 miles is a bit of a challenge too considering my current condition. I do think that I could normally do it, especially if I set up races to run as goal points. I am going to cheat a little and add in my walking time. I have not been jogging as much since my half marathon. This is mostly due to the back pain I sometimes get after running. I know it is from the baby being so low and I do wear a support brace, which I guess I should consider wearing on days he is really low too. I do walk at least twice a week and usually at least 3 miles. Then I do some jogging and the elliptical twice a week.
There have been several people jump on board with different versions of this challenge so ANYONE can do it and EVERYONE should try.
I was really inspired and wanted to lace up my sneakers yesterday morning. There was a marathon threw my city and we went by several parts of the course and I just stared at them with admiration. The monkeys were in the van and I made sure to point the runners out to them. I wanted to stand out by the end of my street after church and cheer them on, but we had out of town plans so I had to settle with excitement as we drove on by. I am going to add the half marathon to my goal for 2010!


Connie Weiss said...

I know I can't do either of those! LOL!

Good Luck to you!!

Lori said...

I can't do it! I want to, and I will run again after the baby's born, but just for me and only when I want to. I am beginning to think the obligation of having to run is what makes me not want to at times.