Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My wonderful husband put gift certificates to Jimmy John's in my stocking this year for Christmas. I am a sandwich type of person anyway, but in a big way this pregnancy. I crave white bread (which is abnormal since I usually love the grainy types of bread) and Jimmy John's has the yummiest white bread around - they also have whole grain bread. So I went there today to grab a sub. Of course I got the vegetarian which comes with cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, cucumbers, and avocado spread. It usually comes with sprouts but seems like I remember a warning about eating these while pregnant. I also got the jalapeno chips. I expect a full afternoon of burping and indigestion. I was so excited when we finally got these two wonderful sub shops in my city. It brought back some fond memories of college and going to get a sub after drinking dancing all night.

Speaking of fond memories, my cousin Lacy has put an interesting picture of me from way back when on her blog. Check it out. I expect much ridicule from the few of you that know me in real life!

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