Monday, January 26, 2009


I am getting many great suggestions for names for this little bundle of joy due in 10-11 weeks!! Thanks so much. We still have yet to just sit down and hash it out. I guess because we are trying to avoid arguing about it. Part of it is because I have it in my head that his name is Adrian. The monkeys already call him that and are insistent upon calling him that. It aggravates my husband. It is not that I don't like others, I do and if I could talk the monkeys into changing their minds easily, it would be all solved by now I suppose.
I would love to use my maiden name as the middle name. Only thing is, my maiden name is not really one of those cool names that can be used for a first/middle name. It is just a last name, but I did love it.

Our Mardi Gras rehearsal is Saturday. I should be really excited but I guess since I don't get to ride I am not really that revved up. I am very curious to see how this costume is going to look...I may be exposing the littlest monkey due to a short shirt. Now is when I really wish I had some sewing skills. I also need to see if I can get away with flats or very low heels. We are supposed to be "Paris, the city of lights" so I would guess the higher the better. I am excited to start going to the other parades though. The monkeys have the best time catching all that junk. Big monkey cracked me up last year yelling "throw me something mister!!" We have a good time. You all should come visit for Mardi Gras.

I did some nesting/cooking this weekend. I have mentioned our extreme budget a few times (not really extreme, but any budget for us that really limits our spending is extreme!). Well, the food part has really been cut and it has caused me to do some extra cooking. So in order to actually do the cooking without exhausting myself during the week, I started bulk cooking. Well, as much as I can without owning a deep freezer. I made 3 meals worth of turkey meatloaf, turkey meatballs, banana muffins, and pizza dough on Saturday. I also made fresh green beans and 3 batches of waffles on Sunday to freeze. Anyone know a good way to freeze the cooked green beans? I have no canning abilities so that is out of the questions. It was great to get those made and frozen and I can add them to my list of possible dinners, etc. If I had a deep freeze, I would probably make more meals more often, especially with the new baby coming. It is so nice to just pull something healthy and not prepackaged out of the freezer.

We also started organizing the upstairs for the littlest monkey. It looks worse than it did right now, but we did get the entire storage closet cleaned out and put into the attic (space my husband thought was great for laying fishing poles flat HA HA). So now we have some more room to work with. We also added to the yard sale pile. I am trying to throw together a street wide yard sale so we get a lot of traffic and make a lot of money!


Connie Weiss said...

I love the name! What does your hubby want the name to be?

I love having meals in the freezer but I forget they are in there!

Lori said...

I'm thinking its a good idea to make some things ahead of time and freeze them. I didn't do that lst time, and I remember being to exhausted to cook. So we either ate take out or cereal. Although I did lose 20 pounds in the first week, so maybe it worked to my benefit after all.

Sherry said...

I love your maiden name, but you are right it is for last name only. wow you have been a busy bee, I don't can either, but have been thinking about learning, of course you know granny would teach us.

Trish said...

You don't have to can them. Bring a large pot of water to a boil, I would salt the water. Place the green beans in the water and par boil them for 3 minutes. Immediately take them out and place them in an ice bath. After they cool completely put them in freeze bags/containers. I would say they could last for 6 months. When you want them just boil them until you get the texture/consistency you want!!!

Shanna said...

Trish, you are awesome!!