Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lost Love it

Again, it is on again!! And it has completely captured my mind, body and maybe soul!?!
I am talking about the show Lost on ABC. I love it. I started watching this show on a Saturday evening marathon catch up with the show deal when big monkey was just an itty bitty baby. I was hooked from the get go and have not missed an episode yet. I even put off meds after my c-section with little monkey so I would not drift in and out during the show. (I did a quick dose during the last 10 minutes!) This is really the only show I watch faithfully. It came back last night with a one hour recap show and then the 2 hour premiere and I was in heaven. I have not watched that much tv in a consecutive sitting in a LONG time. I just don't have time, but I made time last night. My husband was at class so I knew I was on my own with the monkeys and bedtime. I somehow managed to make us all dinner, bake banana muffins, make waffles to freeze for the rest of the week, clean up the kitchen, bathe my monkeys, and get them to bed in time without falling asleep with them in order to watch my show. I was a bad mommy for a few of those minutes, I let the monkeys watch a show while I watched the first 30 minutes of the recap show. I was lucky that they had yoga-nastics that day so they were worn out and missing a nap. That was great, since it took all of 6 minutes for them to fall soundly asleep.
It was a great episode. Things are so twisty and I love it. It is sort of weird considering I really am a scientist at heart and this show plays against this part of me. I do somewhat believe in destiny and fate, but I also tend to overanalyze and look for a logical answer for everything. Well, you don't get many logical answers with Lost. And so far, I am okay with that. So, 8 pm (CST) Wednesdays - you know where I will be!!
Anybody else watch? Who was hoping Sawyer would never find another shirt?! Love his nick names for people.


Connie Weiss said...

OMG! We love this show! I was very upset when he borrowed/stole that shirt from the skinny guy.

What I don't understand is how this show just continues to make more questions than answers for me.

Oh and I totally dig Jack cleaned up and wearing a suit! LOVE HIM! And isn't Kate's hair pretty?

CM said...

Go to my blog and claim your button!

Lori said...

I can't read this post YET. I still have Lost saved on my DVR and I am afraid whatever you may have written might spoil it for me.
Unfortunately I caught part of your last sentence when I went to click on comments and read: Sawyer would never find.... Hopefully I find time very soon to watch it, I love that show.

Sus said...

LOVE Lost, despite my best efforts to purge it from my life when I lost track of all the different plot threads. I mean, is Jin alive or dead already?? :)