Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Work Day for me

Little monkey had a great birthday weekend. He was spoiled rotten by all on Saturday (his actual birthday) and had a blast at his party on Sunday. He is not usually an attention hog or spotlight kind of guy, but he really enjoyed it on Sunday. I think it was a successful weekend.
My parents came this weekend and the monkeys thoroughly enjoyed their company. It melts my heart watching them all together and seeing how much they obviously love the monkeys and the monkeys love and adore them. They had to leave this morning to go back (some of you get the day off today, not me!!). I left before they woke up but called to make sure they got on the road this morning. I know the boys were sad to see them leave. Little monkey started worrying about it yesterday morning. My mom said they were standing in the window with sad little faces waving goodbye to them as they drove off. I have a feeling they will both be attached to me all night tonight.
Now I need a nap!! I think these birthday weekend marathons wear me out more than the monkeys. It was FANTASTIC not to have to worry about anything by having the party at a location other than my backyard or house. But I am still a bit tired and woke up with a stuffy nose/headache. It is probably the beginnings of a cold and I hope it stays minimal and goes quickly.

Funny story, and it further proves my theory that men are the way they are from birth. Big monkey picked up a long (think willow tree type branch) thin stick in the parking lot after the party yesterday. Somehow he managed to sneak it in the van and was poking us all with it while we were driving home. Then he said he was peeing on me (I was seated in front of him and the stick was shaped like the stream of pee would be for a little boy who was peeing outside). That was not too shocking. But then he said he was peeing on me with the biggest winkie in the whole world!!!! I just about died. And then he of course repeated it several times and the van full of adults was rolling with laughter. I just could not believe he came up with that one all on his own at 4 years old!!!!!!!!

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Sherry said...

sounds like you had a wonderful time.