Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Never again will I shop at the good old neighborhood Walmart. I normally shop Target or the local grocery stores but I had a small amount of money on a walmart gift card so I thought I would give the nice new one down the street another try. Wrong decision. I never have any problem with coupons at the super friendly Target. This is not the case at Walmart. They refused to take my coupons because they were over the amount of the product cost and the cashier was appalled I was trying to get something for free. She could not understand that the store gets reimbursed for the coupon (they were manufacturer's coupons) plus 8 cents (read the fine print you twit). The manager was no better, he said you can not use two of the same coupons in a transaction. What a crock.
I actually kept my composure and simply said it was not a big deal, I would use the coupons at Target. She then gave me an attitude about wanting to take the items off of my ticket. So basically Walmart can kiss my heinie! I am done.
Have a good day.


Sherry said...

i prefer Target any day!

Connie Weiss said...

The stinkin Wal-Mart employees always total my order before I can shove my coupons at them and then they can't take them off.

Wal-Mart sucks!

By the way, you've been tagged!

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

I just want to say "Amen, sister." I hear you on this one. Walmart is the worst, particularly down where you live.

Lori said...

My husband is anti-walmart, so I am "not allowed" to shop there. Anyway, what I really want to know is how do you find coupons that give you so much off that the item is free? Ive never been a coupon clipper but now youve got me curious, is it really that beneficial? I always figured I'd just end up buying stuff I normally wouldn't just because I had a coupon, and then have you really saved??

Shanna said...

Lori - I visit some money saving sights, like and, and the moneysavingmom site on my links area. I have been using coupons for quite awhile but have just recently found out to use them to the fullest and discovered internet printables and the drugstore games. It is kind of fun for me. I try to save at least 30-50% every time I go to the store. Sometimes it is hard here since we don't have good grocery stores that double (like kroger).
There are plenty of organic and eating healthy coupons on the internet too. I often have coupons for organic produce and milk. also has printable coupons if you have a supertarget.
check out those sites when you have a bit of time. They have great ways to save on diapers!

4 Crazy Kids said...

I'm with you - I avoid Walmart like the plague. I had a run-in once with a manager also. Target's better anyway.

Lori said...

Thanks for the coupon tips, I think I'll check them out.
And since everyone is knocking Walmart, which I agree with, but seriously Target is far from perfect. You cannot return ANYTHING without a reciept, not even for store credit if it is unopened.