Monday, February 23, 2009

In need of a labotomy

I have a horrible migraine and am trying desperately to keep on track at work today. It came yesterday afternoon and is still here. Tylenol and dr. pepper are not cutting it this time. Have to keep this post short!
Weekend highlights:
1. Big monkey came down with a fever Saturday evening, it reached 103 degrees on Sunday. I am hoping he does well today, our night went better last night. He called my dad yesterday because he said that his grandad knows a lot of stuff and healed his own broken leg, so he could take the fever away! Still so cute when sickly!
2. Outlaws were in town yesterday. Found out we are expected to stay the night with them when we go to the cousin's wedding at the beach (first weekend in March at 6 pm... um we don't live near the keys people... we are going to freeze).
3. My wonderful husband invited extra people to come to Mardi Gras day with us... yes, I think you can guess who.
4. Splitting headache started yesterday afternoon. Karma is a force not to be reckoned with. I am sure I deserve the headache after getting out of going anywhere since I had to stay home with big monkey yesterday.
5. Washed baby clothes and blankets. Fun time reminiscing the big and little monkeys' baby times. I realize I have the wrong season of clothes though. And that I had one baby that puked everywhere and one that pooped everywhere!

I will be sure to post more on our "visit" this weekend. It was pretty uneventful. I do not understand why the entire time is spent talking about when the monkeys are going to visit or spend the night with them. Ouch, this just made my head hurt even worse.


Sherry said...

boy i remember the days when my inlaws would visit and i would get in the worse moods, my poor husband! but as i grew older that all changed and i was able to over look the little things they did, and now i miss seeing them. funny how growing old changes things.

Lori said...

Hang in there, all these HA causing things are temporary, and you always have the pregnancy card to play whenever you really don't want to do something. Just say, you don't feel well, it's totally believable with only 48 days to go.

Lori said...

The reason your smaller this time is probably because you have exercised throughout the entire pregnancy. Something I planned to do, but fell way short of that.
Oh well, there's always hope for a speedy shape up post baby.