Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One of those people

I have officially become one of those people. You know, the heavy breathers. It is going to drive me crazy. I can't stand to listen to people breathe, well except for the monkeys when they are fast asleep and I sneak in to watch them. There is a guy at work that is annoying to begin with, but even more so because I can hear him walk in the door due to his heavy breathing. Not out of breath, but just loud. Let me apologize if you are a heavy breather. I am not completely insensitive, sometimes it is something that is a medical problem. We all have our pet peeves and this is one of mine. So now I am a heavy breather. Karma is a bummer. I don't know if it is the pregnancy (all of a sudden this baby boy is taking up most of the space in my abdomen and stretching into my rib cage. I also have a bit of sinus congestion. The pollen was all over my van yesterday, so maybe I have finally developed allergies. Who knows. All I know is I can't stand to be in a silent room with myself because all I can hear is my breathing.

Another venting note, my mother in law is back in the country for good this time. She got back the first weekend of the month. She was gone for a year and a half with visits back every 3 months. I should tell you that we saw them more when she lived in the middle east versus 2 hours away (I am not complaining, just saying). So she has been back for nearly two weeks now. No attempt to see her grandsons or son - or wonderful daughter in law. And I am willing to bet we don't hear from them until the cousin's wedding the first weekend of March. Wanna bet? So pathetic.


Sherry said...

i dont know how she can stand not seeing her granson's or her son or you of course, i am having turtle withdraws now and i am trying to figure out the next trip and hoping it is real soon, i only have 3 more points to get a round trip free, but that means that i have to use my credit card and i dont like to use it unless i need something or uless i know i can pay it off right away. :) maybe she will suprise you and visit before the wedding lets hope so.

Lori said...

I take it your MIL doesn't read your blog right?
About the breathing, I am with you on that in both that it annoys me when others do it, and that I now am one as well. So I think we are safe in blaming it on the pregnancy. The other night after a trip to the bathroom my heavy breathing woke up my husband and in his sleepy selfish state of mind told me I sounded like a horse. I was so pissed, cause I was awake and could hear it too, but I couldn't slow it down or quiet it down, and his comment only made it worse.