Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend update

Very busy weekend here. I had to come to work for a few hours Friday so I brought the monkeys. They loved it and were so good during the morning work time. I actually got a lot of work done while they watched a movie on my other computer. I took them to get their hair cut at lunch time and then to Chick fil a for lunch since they were so good and still for the haircut. They ate their chicken and fruit and played for a half hour or so.
It was so fun to hear them play, even though I hate the idea of those play places - they gross me out. The climbing structure was quite tall and the monkeys were a little afraid at first. They decided to climb up anyway and Little monkey got stuck at the top. I asked Big monkey to go up and help him so for about 10 minutes I kept hearing "you can do it Little monkey. Come on, you are strong and can get down like the big boys". It was very heartwarming and cute.
We had to come back to work to get my check and then off to SuperTarget for some grocery shopping we went. They were pretty good the entire day, other than a few moments at the end of the grocery trip. I was exhausted and went home, put the groceries away and then sat on my rump while they ate and watched yet another movie!!
Saturday was pretty busy too. I had a mess of a house to clean and then Mardi gras rehearsal that afternoon/evening. I was spent at the end of the day too. I got my costume, but have yet to put it on. I am going to make myself this afternoon. Sort of afraid of the reflection in the mirror! I was a bit sad when we stopped by the Mardi Gras store to pick up a boa. I started to get all excited for the parade and kept reminding myself I can't ride this year. But I did find out I can watch the parade instead of being stuck in the party room while everyone else is parading! Parades start this weekend and the monkeys are SO excited.
It is really hard to concentrate during this time of the year here!

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Sherry said...

sounds like so much fun! enjoy