Thursday, February 5, 2009

So so tired

Well third trimester exhaustion seems to have taken over my life. It has been bad this week. Partly because I have been staying up a little later than normal, which is by no means late. And part is not sleeping well. The baby has had a growth spurt and is taking up quite a lot of space now. He sits low and high and I am afraid he might end up as big as Little monkey was, or bigger! I was hoping for a nice average size baby, like big monkey was... though I do love those big chunky newborn cheeks!

We got good news yesterday, big monkey got into the preschool we wanted. That sounds sort of snobbish and like the school is some sort of elite school. In reality, it is a great school, but smaller than your average private school so it is a little harder to get in. I am not against public school, I went to many, MANY public schools and turned out fine! I just fell in love with this school and they can have their religion classes during the day instead of fitting it in on the weekends - so I am just lazy! HA HA We also live in Midtown and the public schools can be a challenge. His buddy also was accepted. We were a little worried since they are not from our parish and therefore were further down on the priority list. So now we wait till sometime this summer when we get the welcome packets and further instructions! A whole new mess of logistics to figure out.

It is really cold here this morning. It sort of puts a pep in my step though. It does make me miss college days, which cracks me up because I remember cursing the entire walk to class when the wind was cutting through my body and I was trying to avoid slipping on a bunch of ice on the sidewalk. Call it selective memory.

Did anyone see any signing day news last night? I saw one boy, I think he was the number one pick or something, and he held a press conference with hat exchanging and hoopla that I just thought was so INCREDIBLY ridiculous. I don't get how his mom could stand back and approve of that. He has not even shown how good he is with the "big" boys and he is already that cocky. I hope it does not come back and bite him in the rear end.

Another great LOST episode last night. This is part of my tiredness this morning. After watching the show I just can't seem to fall asleep right away. And now I must go read a few blogs about the show so I can see what I missed and what those french people were saying... so much for 2 years of french in college!


Sherry said...

What are your colors in the nursery? I just love little chunky monkeys!

Connie Weiss said...

The last couple months has to be the hardest! I remember being so uncomfortable and unable to walk. But I also had TWO kids in one year.

I can't sleep after LOST either. I woke up at 1am after having scary dreams....and my husband is in Alabama (wave towards Huntsville) so there was no one to comfort me! LOL!

Congrats to Big Monkey!!

Have a great weekend!

Lori said...

I empathize with you on the feeling tired. I forgot how rough the third trimester is.