Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Interesting perspective

Being that I am still incredibly tired, I am hoping this post makes some sort of sense!
Sunday night was my mardi gras ball and parade. This makes for a long day, as I have mentioned before. All in all, it was a successful evening. My good friend had a successful and fun ride and I think she had a great night even with surrounding stresses.
I got to see our parade and ball from a totally different angle, completely sober and well into my third trimester. Let's just say I would prefer not to have to do it that way again, ever. Parts were still so exciting. I was excited to be in the auditorium area with the really great high school band getting everyone pepped up and ready for the parade ride. That school is great and can really get things going. I am always in awe though with the attire and dance moves these teenage girls wear and do. I can't imagine being their mother!! They are great movers and shakers though. It is a bit amusing to watch the costumers trying to shake their bodies the same way as these teenagers!! (Yes, I am usually right down there with them!!) It was exciting and almost choked me up a bit when the ladies were on their way out the door to their floats. I was saddened I was not right there with them and so excited for them. It is something really hard to put into words, you just have to experience it.
I watched some of the float load and then booked it to where my monkeys and my parents were standing waiting for the parade. It was a great parade. The monkeys caught lots of trinkets and loved it. We had a bunch of great bands and pretty floats. Then I booked it back to the ball and put my costume back on and sat around in our party room eating and picking out music on the juke box. I even let my heinie wiggle a bit a few times!
We had to sit around for call outs (the most boring and buzz killing time of the entire day). This was a little bit more interesting as a marshall fell off of the back of the stage. He was unhurt, but spent most of the night in an argument with his wife! It is always interesting to see how people act under the influence. Usually quite comical. And then there are the stupid drunks. Unfortunately my husband was one of them this year. I will not get into that part of the evening, as it would take an entirely separate post. I did get to see several people bust their rumps, doing moves they probably have never done before, and many being supported by friends as they stumbled out the door.
I had some good food and even tried a few dance moves in the dj room. I would have to say that the littlest monkey did not care for that. Every time I tried to get my freaknasty on, he threw me an elbow in the ribs. I was also quite out of breath! I can't understand how I can run and the little booger is just fine, but dancing.. not so much. Maybe he could sense that my inhibited inner white girl was showing through. I don't know!!
I will try to post some pictures. Interesting enough, someone has gone through and erased any pictures showing how stupid drunk he/she was, and this left about 5 pictures on the camera... can't imagine why my husband someone would do that. I guess it was a good time had by all anyway!
I am still feeling tired from it all and am skipping the gym today to go home early and get to sleep early.. I hope.

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Connie Weiss said...

LOL! Can't wait to see the 5 pictures!

Just think of all of the fun you will have next year!

I agree. There are some things that are just more fun when you have had a drink or three!