Thursday, August 14, 2008


Here I come mom and dad... two monkeys in tow and ideas of sleeping in while someone else keeps the monkeys happy!!
Have I mentioned that I love my mom and dad?!!?!

I am so ready to go, mentally anyway. I have my packing and to do lists ready. Going to grab a pizza on the way home and then turn a movie on for the monkeys and get my stuff packed up and loaded while they sit melting their brains!

I may turn a movie on for myself and relax with a glass of wine after the monkeys are in bed.

Tomorrow will be the drive and then hand off! The monkeys are really pretty good with the drive. We have the portable dvd with two screens so as long as I have snacks, drinks, and movies we are good to go!!

I probably won't post again until Monday since I will be busy resting up and shopping with my mom, so have a great weekend all!!

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Lacy Rose said...

Have a safe trip! Take some pics with us bloggers in mind! :)