Saturday, August 2, 2008

Stiff body, unstiffen

Got up at 5 ish (am that is). I am trying to wake up so I can get a good run in this morning. I have got to try to hydrate, my hands and feet are swollen from the high humidity. Such a quiet house, especially after a full house yesterday. My new dining room table and chairs are in. They are even better in person!! I LOVE THEM!! Now I have to figure out how to make sure the family does not ruin them. Any suggestions? (we are a sit down at the table to eat together type of family - I had thought about sitting on the floor from now on!! HA HA)

Gotta go, I have to give my running buddy a wake up call!

1 comment:

vic said...

I would've said don't let them near the stuff - it's the only surefire way.