Tuesday, August 5, 2008

They come with an accent

These cute kittens, sorry about the pictures but it is really hard to take pictures of animals with the monkeys running around, ended up in my backyard. There are SEVEN of them!! Yes, SEVEN!! I am pretty sure they were born under our "barn" deck and we just recently noticed them. Obviously it has been too flipping hot to go out much in the afternoon. They are very cute and in desperate need of a home. I can work out a delivery option and will include a nice bottle of wine as bribery a reward.

I cannot have 7 outside cats. I was just thinking I would not get any other cats after the two I have go to kitty heaven. Oliver has decided to start pssting in the newspaper recycle box. Cat psst makes me vomit. He is treading thin ice.

I am pretty sure they are the spawn of my neighbor's kitty (they call him Jesus and I have been trying to avoid that conversation with the monkeys). I should really drop them in a box at their front door. I may, if people don't just fall in love and need to have them!!

1 comment:

vic said...

Sorted for you - I've fallen in love and need to have them.
All you have to do is convince the husband and the landlord.