Friday, August 22, 2008

Bring on the rain..

Well here it is Friday and I am at work. Trying to make up for some time missed going to the dentist earlier in the week. I am leaving soon, so not too bad. I am going to go to Super Target after work and stock up on some snack foods. Apparently Fay is going to be visiting us this weekend and will drop about 15 inches of rain on us. Not really a big deal to me, except the monkeys will be going stir crazy by Sunday afternoon. I will have to let them melt their brains with movies and ice cream... I am sure to join in on the fun. And NAPPING. I really would like to nap some this weekend. There is nothing better than napping snuggled up to the monkeys with rain falling on our tin roof.

We will be stuck in the house (sort of) since our street floods like crazy due to insufficient drainage areas. But don't worry, our house has a very tall crawl space so chances of flooding are incredibly slim, and we park about a foot up from the road.

So thank you Fay, for being a rain-dropping-nap-inducing-weekend-visitor and not a horrid hurricane. Sorry to those of you in Florida who have had to go to work in that crap or who have houses underwater now, you are in our prayers.

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