Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Clean pearly whites

The monkeys and I have had dentist appointments the past couple of days. I love getting my teeth cleaned. Well, not the process but the after effect. My teeth are so smooth and lovely and not hairy like they get a few weeks before my 6 month cleaning is due. I have a wonderful hygienist who is kind during her lectures of not flossing enough. I can't help it, I HATE flossing. I finally found a floss that is thin enough to easily fit between my teeth (I have incredibly close contact points) so I have been flossing more, but I would not say I was a regular flosser. But I am a great brusher and had not a rotten tooth in the bunch.

The monkeys had their appointment this morning. They are only 2 and 3 but I have been taking them to the dentist since big monkey was 18 months and little monkey was about 15 months. They hate it. They are on their 3rd dentist. We love her. This was her second time seeing the boys and they went to the back by themselves and I only heard big monkey screaming once. Apparently this was when they went after him with the cleaning tool. So they simply brushed his teeth really well and then did the fluoride treatment on him. Did I mention that I love this dentist? She is totally worth the extra money I have to pay because she is not on our "provider" list. I wish she could do my teeth too. So patient and she totally knows how to adjust to each child depending on their personality. Little monkey needs kind words and physical assurance, big monkey needs stern talking and bribery. They even keep their gloves off for big monkey since he has a horrid glove phobia. So nice. Their teeth were cavity free. Turns out little monkey has a slightly crooked bite and will have this corrected around age 7 (I had the same thing but totally blamed my husband when talking to the dentist). We have to watch big monkey's mouth formation because of his long lost bobby (pacifier) causing some movement in the short 3 years he used it.

Here are a couple of pictures of the monkeys doing their best cheese to show their clean, sparkly teeth off.

By the way, soccer practice Monday night went so well. I thought it was going to be hell since big monkey was a big poop head all day for the nanny. Both monkeys were good and had fun. I was even proud of myself, I had a great time running around with all of the kids. There are some vicious little boys on our team though.

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