Monday, August 4, 2008

Miss my mommy

I miss my parents. It has been WAAAYYY too long since I have seen them. What brings this up? Other than my hormonal issues this week, my little monkey brought it up. He saw a redhead at church yesterday and thought it was his Gigi. He was convinced and I could not tell him otherwise until she finally turned toward us and then he hid. Then he told me "I sad at you mommy! Me go to my Gigi howse daday!" I tried explaining that we would go see Granddad and Gigi in two weeks (we plan on going up there on the 15th), but he got really excited and thought I meant right then.
So, I miss my mom and dad!! Not that I don't talk to them nearly everyday, but it is not the same. I love watching them with my monkeys. There is so much love there and the monkeys absolutely adore them. There is something amazing about watching your parents being grandparents. I think it makes you appreciate their skills at parenting, cause God knows I could not see past my ridiculous teenage self to see it then!
So I will call my mom today after work, of course I will have emailed several times by then, and tell her how much she is missed (and dad too). Then I will commence fully into list preparation for our trip in 11 days!


Sherry said...

O that is so sweet, I just don't know what I will do when Lacy and Turtle move, I see her everyday(we work together) and we even talk after we leave work either by computer or texting, and my little Turtle, it is going to be just awful. I already have my planning started for a trip to Virginia in October.....

I wish we could all get together soon

Sus said...

It's true - there is nothing like seeing your parents with your kids. The 15th is really around the corner.