Thursday, August 14, 2008

Close to my heart

Just have to get a bit serious on you all now. I wanted to let you in on a wonderful event I am going to be a part of in September. This two day walk for breast cancer raises so much money and awareness to a disease that sneaks into lives of people near and dear to us, or even our own lives. My Granny is a survivor, as well as the mother of my good friend from graduate school. Most recently, my great aunt has been diagnosed, and we pray everyday she will be one of the many survivors. But truth be told, there are MANY MANY women who did not get the chance to be labeled "survivor" and many of us that will be inflicted with this terrible disease. And this is why I walk. I know that every penny earned will be used to help research a cure, raise awareness, and educate people on early diagnosis. I will be walking with my mom and her friends who have been participating in this event for several years. It is a privilege to walk beside them.

So I am asking for your support, and I don't mean you have to donate. Prayers, positive thoughts, good walking weather vibes would all be appreciated. If anyone wants to add a name in the comments section of someone I can walk for, please do. I will carry a list with me while I walk.

Click on the link above and check it out. It may be something you want to participate in if you are in the area. I know they could use more volunteers. You can also check out my walking page.

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Sus said...

kudos to you. i did the same walk (it was a 3-day back then) in 2000. great memories, for a great cause.