Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Put me in coach...

Dear Coach SoccerMom:

I was not lying when I told you my son was mature for a 3 (nearly 4) year old boy. I know it may not have looked that way during our first practice last night when he was standing in the middle of the circle instead of the outside, taking a "rest" with his head on his ball while you were doing drills, refusing to use any other ball than his own, joining another "pun" team that was practicing next to us, and trying to skip turns in line. I know he cried quite a bit after he and the biggest boy on the team (double big monkey's size) collided during the running race, but he did finish the race (with mommy in tow) even with the tears running down his cheeks.

I hope this does not jade your view on whether I can be an unbiased assistant coach, because I can. I know he is the smallest, slowest, and the child who chases butterflies free spirit of the group. There are a couple of amazing players on this team mostly made up of 5/6 year olds (whose parents must stand in the back yard pouring rain with an umbrella making their kids dribble the ball back and forth for hours). I will probably spend most of my time chasing my child and trying to convince him to participate correctly, but that is why you have me and you lucked out and have another assistant coach who takes the game too seriously is very enthusiastic about the game. Give me a couple of weeks to warm up to you (I am a shy one at first) and the idea of having several parents just stand around watching instead of joining in and I can make a great assistant coach/helper/3 year old chaser, promise.

Sincerely loving soccer,
Assistant Coach Shanna

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Sus said...

like i said before, you are a better person than i to deal with all that organized sports stuff so early in your parenthood career. i am still going to be avoiding it when my kids are in high school, i think.