Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Budget out the window

I just spent the morning doing some Christmas shopping. A major purchase that I probably should not have made without letting my husband know, but it is for my husband and something he really has wanted for some time, and I got a good deal. I ordered this from I hope it turns out as great as the dining room table and chairs I ordered from them a few months ago.

I think he will be so happy. I am having it delivered to work so I can bring it home and surprise him closer to Christmas.

I ordered the Bella Band a couple of weeks ago and am wearing it today for the first time. I love it and recommend it to any pregnant mommy. I am still too small for my maternity pants (I am quite a bit smaller than I was with little monkey with all of the running I have been doing) so I am having a hard time keeping them up. But I am limited in my non maternity pants. So I put the band on with my too big pants and they fit wonderfully. It holds them up and I feel some support from the band as well. I got the one with the lace at the bottom so it looks like a cute little cami underneath my sweater.

I am really looking forward to using it after the baby is born. I am not very modest when it comes to a slippage of bewbie when breast feeding, but I absolutely hated having my "rolls" showing when my shirt was lifted to feed the monkeys. So this will solve that problem. I may have to break down and get a couple more!


Connie said...

Great chair! I have no idea what to get my hubby for Christmas. He buys everything he wants.

I hope I get to use a Bella Band soon! It looks really comfortable!

Sus said...

I love the Bella Band! Just loaned mine out to a pregnant friend.

Ok, so even tho I don't want an infant right now, you are starting to make me want to be pregnant again. Could you stop that please? :)

Lynn Dalsing said...

Hi Shanna,

I work at Ingrid & Isabel, the makers of the BellaBand. I saw your comments about the BellaBand, and I wanted to say thank you. Would it be ok for me to place a link to your entry on our Applause Page on our website at