Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Yes, today is my birthday. The wonderful day I celebrate being brought into this world. I told you that I like to make sure I get many well wishes on my "special day" (think I was spoiled as a child?).
So far, I have gotten two email birthday wishes. No personal ones. My family was asleep when I left, usual occurrence. I am waiting for a phone call with my little monkeys wishing me happy birthday. I probably will still be waiting this afternoon. My husband is not as excited about birthdays. He had a rough childhood (just kidding - sort of).
So, I am sitting here having sugar babies for my birthday breakfast. I would prefer milk duds, but you go with what you have!
I have a big post to put up later, after everyone wishes me Happy Birthday.


Vic said...

Happy birthday - have a great day.

Sherry said...


Lacy Rose said...

happy birthday!

Connie said...

Happy Birthday!

Heather said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Belated Birthday!